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Why the Bear?

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Now there’s a question that I suspect has just as many answers, if not more, than the number of people who choose to answer it.

Vintage Great Bear Lodge Video

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In keeping with the "vintage" Great Bear Lodge brochure in the following story, please enjoy this short movie featuring Great Bear Lake Lodge, hosted by Garcia and Seagrams Distillers in what appears to be 1965.

Mathew's Story

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Until June of 2013, when he took on the job of “Dock Boy” at Plummer’s Great Bear Lake Lodge, Mathew Mesec could be best described as an urban kid, whose idea of adventure was a trip to the family cottage a couple of hours north of Toronto. In this article Mathew shares his thoughts, feelings and impressions of what he describes as a life changing experience in Canada’s Arctic.

Breaking Twigs

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I've done my fair share of fishing over the past 50 years or so -some might even say more than my fair share. Travelling in search of fish has taken me to some very "exotic" places throughout North America and beyond, but none more "exotic" than Great Bear Lake.
  1. Plummers Arctic Lodges
  2. Fly Fishing Esnagami
  3. Hunting in Alberta
  4. Country Home, Golden - BC

Plummers Arctic Lodges - The #1 Fishing Destination in North America
Plummers Lodges - Brook Trout Fishing Northern Ontario - Esnagami Wilderness Lodge

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