The 12 Day's of Plummer's

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In keeping with the holiday spirt, I hope that the following will bring a smile to your face, although I suspect there will be more rolling of eyes than smiles.

The inspiration for what follows came during a trip to Hornby Bay where I actually did see 7 Swans a Swimming.

So without further ado, I would like to wish everyone who has followed and supported us throughout the year, a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday’s and all the very best in the coming year, and hope that you will enjoy:

The Twelve Days of Plummer’s

On the first day at Plummer’s
Chummy gave to me
An entire week at the Tree

On the second day at Plummer’s
Aunty Mo gave to me
Two hot killer scones

On the third day at Plummer’s
OD gave to me
Three diving Terns,

On the fourth day at Plummer’s
Jonker’s gave to me
Four Anglers Trolling

On the fifth day at Plummer’s
Kenny gave to me
Five Graaaayling

On the sixth day at Plummer’s
Chris Ireland gave to me,
Six fish a-frying

On the seventh day at Plummer’s
Reid gave to me,
Seven red fins swimming

On the eighth day at Plummer’s
Dave Jackson gave to me
Eight trout a-spawning,

On the ninth day at Plummer’s,
The ”Piker” gave to me,
The northern lights a dancing

On the tenth day at Plummer’s
Chuk gave to me,
Ten Guides a-leaping,

On the eleventh day at Plummer’s,
Jelly gave to me.
Eleven hand tied streamers

On the twelfth day at Plummer’s
Steve Gardner gave to me
Twelve Ptarmigan’s drumming

Eleven hand tied streamers
Ten guides a leaping
The Northern Lights a dancing
Eight trout a spawning
Seven Red Fins swimming
Six fish a frying
Five Graaaayling
Four anglers trolling
Three diving Terns
Two hot killer scones

And an entire week at the Tree!

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