The Frogs of Great Bear Lake - Frogs?

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Yes indeed. Frogs

The idea of frogs, or for that matter amphibian’s of any type or kind hopping, swimming or otherwise living in the Arctic is something that I would have found rather hard to believe – until now anyway.

While amphibians are not surprisingly few and far between in the Arctic, there are in fact two types of frogs to be found on Great Bear Lake.

The Boreal Chorus Frog: that has been found in the area around Délįnę, and the 

Wood Frog:, which appears to have taken up residence on Saoyú, or Grizzly Bear Mountain.

Would you like to know how it they manage to survive under such extreme conditions? 

Also included in this article are maps containing a variety of special features throughout the Northwest Territories, including beaches (who needs the Dominican Republic?), rare plants and lichens, many of which occur in and around Great Bear Lake.

You learn something new everyday!


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