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The Prophet Ayah The Prophet Ayah

Louis Ayah (1857-1940) was a Dene prophet and spiritual leader.

 Erǝ́ya was the original Dene name of the prophet now lovingly known as ɂehtsǝ́o Louis Ayha.

Known throughout the Northwest Territories, people would travel for miles to seek his council and listen to his prophecies. In fact, people continue to visit his grave to this day.

All the elders that knew ɂehtsǝ́o Erǝ́ya talked about how special he was in the eyes of God.

Some of his more interesting prophecies, that have proven to be true, including the discovery of diamonds in the Northwest Territories, and the sighting of three Polar Bears in the community of Deline on Great Bear Lake in 2008.

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The Prophecies

(1) ”When the Caribou comes back to Deline after been gone a long time, you will know the end of time is getting closer” The Caribou left Deline in 1950, then came back in 1983 after being gone for 33 years, the Elders say ”the prophecies of Ayah had come true. 

(2) ”Whiteman (moolah) will find a Rock that will look like Glass pass sombah-ka (Port Radium) maybe 3 or 4 in a near future”. Diamonds was found past Somba ka’ in 1997, at B.H.P., and Diavik mine and Snap Lake. 

(3) ”One day in near future you will see three strange animals come into your community, animals you have never encounter before or seen.” 2008 three Polar Bears came into the community of Deline animal we have never seen or encounter; the prophecies of Ayah had come true.

(4) ”Once alcohol gets into your community you will lose control of your kids, you wouldn’t know where they are anymore.” Relatives will turn against each other, they will fight each other and people will travel all over the place.

(5) ”In the near future there will come a cigarette, but this one they will twist each end of it, it will be very dangerous for your kids.” Marijuana was into our community in 1970′s or so and the elders say. 

(6) Alcohol drinking is dangerous and bad but can be forgiven if you confess to the church of all the bad things you did while drinking. The bad part of drinking is when you blackout while drinking. Ayah says, “That part where you can’t remember will wait for you at Judgement day.” How can you be forgiven when you can’t remember…Ayahs words.

(7) They ask Ehtseo Ayah, ”Will the end of the World come?” He said, “Yes,’ but not even the angels or himself or anybody else knows when only the Creator knows. This is how fast it will end.” Ayah said, ”Clap your hands together in front of you as fast as you can, it will be faster than that … Ayahs words.

(8) Where the sun shines at 12 o’clock, on the left side in that direction you will hear a big loud booming sound in near future from there on everything will start. Natural disasters, tornados, earthquakes, wars, hurricanes, floods and there will be new kind of sickness you have never heard of will show up. Also, in the same direction after that you will see a great earthquake that will take lots and lots of lives …Words of Ayah.

Well! That’s the direction where the 911 disaster happened and the same direction where the earthquake that caused the great Tsunami (tidal wave) to take close to 300.000 lives.

(9) Ayah said, ”The fence that they have built around my grave after I die, once it starts to fall apart the end of the World is very near…words of Ayah. 

(10) If a person criticise you, gossip about you, curse you, say all the bad things about you, behind your back don’t say anything but pray for him/her because he/she will be responsible for the wrongs you have done on judgement day…Words of Ayah.

(11) Close to the end of time you will see lot of stars falling out of the sky… Hale bop (asteroid) showed up among other asteroids, more would come.

(12) Prophet Ayah says, ‘ If you don’t know my story too well, don’t teach or talk about it, teach or talk about my Prophecies only if you know it very well…Ayahs words.

(13) These scary disasters, plague of diseases, sickness, strong wind, earthquakes and horrible things you have never seen before will come. When that time comes you will pray so hard, but it will be too late so start now, now is the time to change. … Ayah says, ”A person who prays wouldn’t be effected by what’s coming towards him/her in the future, it will only take people that don’t pray … and people that don’t listen! …Words of Ayah

(14) ”You wouldn’t know the difference between a Boy and a Girl in the future. ” Today you go to a city you couldn’t tell if it’s a Girl or a Boy because of the way they dress. …Words of Ayah.

(15) Prophet Louis Ayah raised a saucer and a can fruit container to his people and said, ”In the coming future, there will be objects shape like these appearing in the sky lots of it.” Today if you look up in the skies at night you will see Satellites traveling across the sky and about every houses has a saucer shape dish. Ayahs prophesies.

(16) The only rights you have about damaging the Land are, “You have the right to dig a hole for your outhouse only, nothing else,” words of Old Andre.

(17)”Who ever thinks about me, wants to visit my grave site from no matter which part of the World and prays, I will make sure he/she gets there even if he/she has no money or a way to travel.” …Words of Ayah

(18) Whoever hears my Prophecy’s and stories and comes back three or four times more is guaranteed to change his/her life around. …Words of Ayah.

(19) Close to the end of time, lot of People will come to Deline and Ayah said, ”Great Bear Lake is huge, but it will be full with boats, that’s how much people will come.”…Words of Ayah.

(20) ”All the priests will go back to where they came from, in the future, there will be no more priest. In the Catholic Church there are Priest, Brothers and Sisters of the three more Brothers will enter the Kingdom of God then the other two”…Words of Ayah.

(21) The Creator doesn’t open its doors to you right away, even if you pray a lot. Sometimes it takes a lifetime, sometime none. You think one; two or three times of praying would open doors, but no…. An Elder explained it to me and said, “From the day you start learning to pray, you start praying, but the doors wouldn’t open for you to cross to the Kingdom of God, it’s like a solid stone wall in front of you, pray … pray … pray, but sometime it doesn’t open and sometime it does – it is that hard”… Ayahs Words.

(22) Even though he never went to school or learns one word of English, he would teach and translate the Bible and only the Bible he would teach the People … Ayahs gift.

(23) The great flu epidemic in 1927 took lots and lots of Dene people, 400,300 deaths in every community along the Mackenzie River. Ayah said, “Of all the people that died during that time, only 5 people entered the Kingdom of God.”…. Ayah’s words.

(24) Edacho (scented grass hills) will be taken from you “my people” in the near future by the moolah (Whiteman) … Ayahs prophecies.

(25)? Etseo Ayah pointed to the north towards Caribou point and said, “In the coming future, there will be a lot of noise made by machinery in that direction.” … Ayahs Prophecies.

(26) When you BURN and SUFFER in HELL it will be forever, no ending, there will be no place to hide, no place to run, and no place to die, all your ashes … millions of it will cry forever … so my people PRAY.PRAY. PRAY…IT WILL HELP YOU… Ayah’s words. 

(27) If the people of the World gets stronger to sinful ways … the World will End earlier. … Ayah’s words. 

(28) Gold will be found close to Deline, but an orphan will be the one who will find it, if he use it to help people it will last for a while, but if he misused it, then it will be taken from him earlier…prophecies of Ayah.

(29) A Cross is the most powerful, spiritual thing you could have so when a Catholic person dies make sure you marked the persons grave with a Cross on it, don’t go without it … Ayahs words.

(30) Close to the end of the world, the Dinosaurs will come back again to roam the Earth… Ayahs Prophecies.

(31) The very last disaster or plague will be “Famine” it will come from the east and it will affect every living thing. Not even one blade of grass will stand up every living thing will go… Deline where my people will be the very last ones to have fish…Words of Ayah.

(32) On Judgement day, you will see your whole life in front of you. It will be Live … after that a scale will come in front of you, and all the good things you have done will be put on the right side scale, and all the evil things you did will be weight on the left side scale????? Whichever is the heaviest, that’s the direction you will go. …Words of Ayah.

(33) In the eyes of God all Humans are equal…don’t make judgement or gossip about a person, because even if you took his heart out and cut it, look inside, you still won’t know the kind of a person he is so … don’t. …Words of Ayah.


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** Several years ago GBLO literally stumbled onto this compilation of Ayah’s prophecies, and have now decided to publish them for all to enjoy. If anyone knows who the original author is, please let us know because we would like to credit him or her for they’re work. 


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