Chummy Trout or Is It Chummy Lobster?

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Chummy Trout or Is It Chummy Lobster? Featured

When it comes sportfishing legends, particularly in Canada’s Arctic, you need look no further than Chummy Plummer, owner/operator of Plummer’s Arctic Lodges.

Chummy is a pretty straightforward and direct individual, who has some very definite opinions on how to properly cook Lake Trout. Fact is, the only way to cook a trout that would be more basic and straightforward than how he prepares his fish would be to catch one, bonk it on the head (this step is optional), and eat it right off the bone.

What follows is what I was originally told, is the super-secret recipe for “Chummy Trout*.”

• 1 Lake Trout cut into steaks, chunks or just left whole.
• Pot of water, which may or may not contain salt.
• Bring the pot of water to a boil.
• Toss in the trout and boil for several minutes until cooked through.
• Remove from pot and enjoy.

Rumor has it that waaay back in the day when Chummy was guiding, if his guests were, as he would describe them “good,” he would add a bit of French onion soup mix to the water, usually at the end of the week after the guests had proved themselves worthy.

Apparently he didn’t make a whole lot in tips…

*According to some, evidently my source, who provided the above recipe, either had it wrong, or simply missed a few steps, because at a shore lunch in July 2023, Cam Baty and Steve “the Fly’n Hawaiian” Gardner, made up a batch of what they swore was the real deal, and which they called “Chummy Lobster.”

This consisted of trout boiled in water that had been flavoured with onion skins, and once removed from the water, seasoned with copious amounts of lemon pepper.

Although it’s a well-kept secret – or was until now I suppose – the reason why the dish is actually known as “Chummy Lobster,” is that he – he being Chummy - would serve it with garlic butter.


So if you happen to visit one of the lodges, and are considered to be a “good” guest, someone just might whip you up a batch of Chummy Trout/Lobster.

Now which version would you prefer?

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