The Lake Trout of Great Bear Lake - The Best Tasting Fish South of the North Pole

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An outlandish claim?

Perhaps, but a case can certainly be made for the Lake Trout that reside beneath the ice cold, pristine waters of Great Bear Lake.

Lake Trout rarely, if ever will be included in any conversation regarding the world’s best tasting fish.

And while that may be perfectly understandable for those who’s dining experiences have been limited to the Lake Trout found in more southern climes, but Great Bear’s Salvelinus namaycush are so unique, it’s akin to comparing Kobe to run of the mill ground beef.

They may both come from beef cattle, but then again not all cattle are created equal.

Their flesh is a deep orange in colour unlike they’re much paler and somewhat oily southern counterparts, and there is a perfect balance between the amount of fat, and the delicious, firm sweet tasting flesh.

As a matter of fact, I have been advised that Lake Trout from specific areas of Great Bear Lake are the only Sushi grade freshwater fish to be found anywhere on the planet.

The recipes both in this section, and the Cabin 14 Ultimate Shore Lunch Cook Book - feature these unique and wonderful tasting fish, and experience has shown that the best way to prepare them is to keep it simple, so you can enjoy the taste in the way Mother Nature no doubt intended.

So just in case you needed another one, you can now add the world’s best tasting fish to a long list of reasons why you should seriously consider visiting Great Bear Lake.

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