We're Going to Land Where???

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This was a familiar refrain usually uttered by “first timers,” as the Boeing 737, did a fly by – perhaps to ensure there was not a herd of caribou milling about - and then banked steeply in preparation for lining up, and landing on the 5100 foot gravel strip at Great Bear Lake Lodge.

When you first saw it from the air, the strip looked like nothing more than a pencil thin line of light brown dirt – which in essence it was – in contrast to the deep, rich blue of the lake, and the dark greens and copper tones of the surrounding landscape.

Carved out of solid rock, and meticulously maintained, the first thrill you experienced if fishing out of Plummer’s Great Bear Lake Lodge was not catching a giant Lake Trout – it was landing on that strip.


We used to tell the rookies to pack a spare change of underwear in their carry on, as they would likely need to make a change shortly after touch down!

Unfortunately the jet service has been discontinued, but I did manage to find a short video I had taken of the jet landing.

Please enjoy the ride.

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