Breaking Twigs

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I've done my fair share of fishing over the past 50 years or so -some might even say more than my fair share.

Travelling in search of fish has taken me to some very "exotic" places throughout North America and beyond, but none more "exotic" than Great Bear Lake.


My Best Day - Ever

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While Great Bear Lake can certainly frustrate you at times, it is also capable of producing the kind of fishing experience that most of us can only dream about.

Please enjoy this story about one such experience.


Ryan O'Donnell's Crispy Cornflake and Dill Lake Trout

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Ryan O’Donnell is a financial advisor as well as a professional fishing guide who divides his time between guiding on Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories, and the Lake of the Woods area in northwestern Ontario. He not only cooked up a batch of this delicious fish one day at shore lunch, but was also kind enough to share his recipe.


Great Bear Lake - Trip Planner

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For many, a trip to Great Bear Lake is likely to be a "once in a lifetime" experience, and unless you are an experienced Arctic traveler, preparing for a trip of this kind, takes a fair amount of thought and planning.

Environmental conditions can run to extremes, and changes in the weather are at times measured in minutes or hours, rather than days. It can get downright hot, and ice and snow are not unheard of throughout the short Arctic summer.

The fish you catch will challenge your skill and equipment in ways you may have never encountered, and if you happen to forget some critical item, like your medication or prescription glasses, it's one hell of a long walk to the nearest pharmacy or optician.

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