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Ice Adams Ice Adams Harold Ball

From the fly tying bench of Josh "Jelly" Gelinas, a must Grayling fly for the purists coming up to Great Bear.

  • Hook: Size 12-10 Dry fly hook
  • Post: Calftail (Cdc or polypropylene work as well)
  • Hackles: Grizzly and Brown dry fly saddle hackle
  • Body: Purple UV dubbing
  • Tail: Pheasant tail (Coq de Leon works really well also)  

Have a few of these and a 5-6 weight with a floating line, and prepare for some of the most intense dry fly action the north has to offer.

Wait for a nice calm day, or try them on any one of the rivers flowing out of Great Bear, such as the Horton or the Sulky.

Chernobyl Ants, tied in larger sizes are a good second choice.


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