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Josh "Jelly" Gelina's Dumbbell Popsicle Josh "Jelly" Gelina's Dumbbell Popsicle

Don't let the name fool you, when it comes to catching Lake Trout or Arctic Char, this fly ain't no Dumbbell.

Hook: 3XL Streamer hook size 6-2/0

Body: Any color marabou long and supple

Head: Lead Dumbbell eye

Base: Silver tinsel

Thread: White 6/0 uni

Flash: Silver Flashabou

A very simple fly to tie and is mainly used as a slow presentation castable fly for lakers.

The fly is fast sinking and is intended to be stripped either with both hands very fast or slow but aggressive for a jig like action.

This is a great fly to use for sight casting small lakers in the shallows.

Another good use for this fly if tied with brightly coloured marabou and a variety of flash and can be used in the world famous Tree River in the early season when fresh running char are still very aggressive. In that scenario I would change out the hook to a salmon style, but otherwise tie it the same.

This fantastic fly is from the fly box of Josh "Jelly" Gelinas. 


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