Miniature Spey Flies

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Guide, and manager of the Tree River Camp, Trevor Novak, originated this very simple Spey fly. 

Hook: Salmon Hook size 4/6 

Thread: 8/0 Red Uni

Tag: Red GLOBRITE floss

Body: Silver tinsel

Rib: Silver 0.30 wire

Overwing: White Bucktail

Collar: Pink Bucktail (tied over and under)

Early season this fly is a killer for pressured fish that have seen a hundred streamers already. 

Start with the big burly Zonker like patterns then switch to this when the fishing action changes. 

Using a sink tip and a longer 6-9ft leader swing this patter through slower moving water such as what’s found anywhere downstream or in our Nieland bay or Presidential pools. 

Strip normal. 

Josh "Jelly" Gelinas


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