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Shot in the early 1960’s on 16mm film, this 27 minute promotional movie came to GBLO courtesy of Lori Volp - Director, Knowledge & Insights Dairy Management Inc. - National Dairy Council; American Dairy Association.

How it came to be in the possession of the National Dairy Council we really don’t know for sure – not a lot of cows up Great Bear way - but the speculation is that it may have been sent to the Council for the purpose of promoting the lodge as an executive retreat.

The price for an 8-day trip at the time this movie was made was $795 USD per person, with a deposit of $100 required to secure your reservation. I’m not sure how that would translate into “2015 dollars” but it sure seems to be a bargain when you compare it to today’s prices.

And what did you get for your $795?

According to the brochure available at the time, your trip included:

  • 1900 mile Charter Flight
  • Delicious Food
  • Modern Facilities
  • Safe Boats
  • Evinrude Motors
  • Trained Guides
  • Microwave Telephone Service
  • Wall to wall carpeting
  • Bar and Recreational Room
  • Walk – in freezer
  • 7000 ft. Runway
  • Native Store – handicrafts and personal effects
  • 3 – 25,000 Watt Diesel Generators

The tackle being used, which was supplied by Johnson Reels Inc., was much better suited for catching small bass and crappie, but having said that everyone certainly caught their share of fish, including one they claim came in at just under 50 pounds. You can decide on that one for yourself.

The movie also features guide Victor Dolphus ( together with footage of a number of other individuals that I am assuming came from Délįnę.

The head office was located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and contact person was – wait for it – Bill Trout!

This is a fascinating bit of history showcasing the very early days of sport fishing on Great Bear Lake, long before catch and release became the norm.

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