Sahtú Gotı̨ch'ádı́ı - Wildlife of the Sahtú Region

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Featuring both a website: - and a Facebook page, the content focuses on sharing information about the wildlife and harvesting of same, throughout the Sahtú Region of Denendeh, in the Northwest Territories.

A community based organization, they describe their goal or mission as:

"It is our responsibility to unite to protect, conserve, and manage, in a cooperative spirit, all renewable resources within the Sahtú Settlement Area in a sustainable manner to meet or exceed the needs of the public today and in the future for generations to come."

There is some very rich material on this site, including a study regarding the age of the giant Sahtú gosahba - Great Bear Lake trout, including a 52 year old trout that was found in 2012.

In the event you would like to know more about the fish and wildlife in the Sahtú Region, I would encourage you to explore either their website, or Facebook page.

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