A Guide’s Perspective by Pandelis Kolkas

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Guiding for Plummer’s Lodges has literally been a dream come true for me.

There are different techniques we use. Swinging flies, drifting beads under an indicator, casting lures, and even trolling.

The Char we catch are stunning, quite often huge & put up a fight that will make even the most experienced angler remember every moment of the battle.

Multiple world record char have been caught at the Tree River & lake trout at Great Bear Lake.

The scenery is wild and untouched by humans.

What makes Plummer’s Lodges so unique is the location.

We are the only fishing lodge that guides on Great Bear Lake & the only ones with an outpost camp on the Tree River.

Besides the exceptional fishing, our hospitality is from the heart. We are like a big family, helping each other offer a trip of a lifetime to every guest.

Don't forget to check out Pandelis' photo gallery on this site featuring some of the biggest and most beautiful freshwater fish on the planet.

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