Foam Hopper or Adult Stone Fly

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I’m not going to go into too much detail regarding how to tie these because ANY WILL WORK WITH THE METHOD WE USE TO FISH THEM!

My favourite colours are Orange and Yellow, with lots of foam, and generally size 6-4.

This is a late season (last two weeks of August) opportunity fly.

When the water levels are low, my all time favourite way to fish is Hopper dropper with a plugged egg underneath.

I do this because indicators, if you use them work well when the water is higher, but typically the water is moving too fast to allow the egg to sink far enough, and hold in front of the fish long enough to entice a bite.

In low water conditions this fly won’t spook fish, and as well the egg will get a lot more attention - ESPECIALLY WHEN THE FISHING IS TOUGH AND ESPECIALLY UPSTREAM.

The eggs will see a lot more fish, and is typically a 5/1 ratio to fish caught on the egg verses the dry, but then again - nothing beats catching a big wild arctic char on a dry fly!!


This pattern, together with how to most effectively fish it comes to us courtesy of master fly fisherman, and member of the Canadian National Fly Fishing Team - Josh "Jelly" Gelinas.


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