You Caught That on a What???

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Lures used to catch Lake Trout, not unlike those employed to entice other species come in a mind-boggling array of shapes, sizes and colours, and while the manufacturers have given them “trade” names, those bestowed by anglers and guides alike, tend to be far more interesting and descriptive.

Flatfish, Eppinger, Len Thompson and Half Wave spoons, rigs with dodgers, giant tubes and the like have had some very interesting monikers hung on them over the years including:

• The Mad Clown

• The Flame Thrower

• The Lady Bug – (Orange with black dots T60)

• Kick Ass Minnow  (Kickin’ Minnow)

• The Lure of the North  (Eppinger or Len Thompson Five of Diamonds)

• The Faggot  (Pink/Pearl T60 with black dots)

• Eppies

• Tony the Tiger

• The Mood Enhancer  (CHT Flo. w/ Green Diamonds – Husky Sr.)

• The $23 Mistake  (aka the Titan Tube)

• The Trash Can

• The Michael Jackson

• The Money Maker

• Lucky Charm Rig

• Old Faithful  (CHT – T60 with black and red dots or Eppinger Husky Sr. in yellow/red five of diamonds)

• The Clown  (CHT-T60 with black and red dots)

• Ha-Ha Nose

• The #1  (Gold with Orange vertical bars T60)

• Malibu Barbie 

• The Mouse  (Eppinger Red Eye), and my personal favorite

• ‘Lil Tony – which is the Eppinger Red Eye with one of the ruby eyes removed!

Thanks to all the contributors, and if you happen to think of, or otherwise come across another unique name that we can add to our list, please let us know!

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