Cameron Bay, Great Bear Lake - The Story of the Northwest Territories’ First Boom Town by Ryan Silke

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Some of you may be familiar with Cameron Bay, as in its most recent commercial incarnation it was the site of Branson’s Lodge, but before the lodge was opened in the 1960’s, it was a thriving boom town through the 1930’s until the early 40’s when it essentially became a ghost town, with the only remaining buildings being the Hudson’s Bay Company post, and the RCMP detachment.

Author Ryan Silke chronicles the history of the town site together with the extensive mining activity that went on in the surrounding area, the crown jewel of which was the Eldorado Mine where radium was found, and which was located only a short distance from the town.

This book is comprehensively researched, well written and contains a number of very interesting historical photographs, newspaper/magazine articles and maps, thereby making it a great read for both Great Bear Lake history buffs, and/or for those who just want to know what our fellow Canadians were up to in the far north during what was a very exciting time for the Canadian mining industry in the Northwest Territories.

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