A Tale of 5 Tents

Published in Bear Tales

The idea for this particular “Bear Tale” comes courtesy of Dr. Art Ross, and although he originally referred to the story as the “Tale of 2 Tents”, when you do the actual count, there are actually 5 of them in play.


The Numbers Don't Lie

Published in The Fishing

Over the 30 plus years we have been fishing Great Bear Lake, together with a number of friends who have fished with us from time to time, we have literally caught thousands of Lake Trout...


The First One

Published in Trip Journals

While it has always been my intention to write this story one day, recent events have given me cause to fast track it to the top of my "to write" list.


A Most Curious Catch

Published in The Fishing

This particular fish story took place during my second visit to Great Bear in 1979.

We fished out of Branson’s Lodge in those days, which was located in Cameron Bay on the McTavish Arm.

The routine on our day of arrival was that after landing at the Port Radium strip, we were ferried over to the lodge by floatplane, enjoyed a sumptuous buffet lunch, received a briefing from owner Ernie Dolinsky, and then fished locally until dinner.

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